International partners

Although we are a UK based organisation we are committed to in partnership with others improving environmental health throughout the world.

International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH)

The IFEH was initiated in 1982 and inaugurated at the CIEH Annual Congress in 1985. It aims to link organisations of environmental health professionals around the world and seeks to provide a means of exchanging information and experience.

It holds regular meetings to:

  • Discuss environmental health science and administration
  • Represent the interests of environmental health to state agencies, national governments and international organisations
  • Promote field studies of environmental health control

The IFEH has no individual members. Each constituent body appoints members to its governing body, the Federal Council. The Council elects a member to act as Chairman and a Federation President.
In addition to full members, the IFEH has Associate and Academic Associate members – bodies that share an interest in environmental health. Many of the organisations in full membership are in countries where administrative and legal systems are similar to those in the UK and United States, where environmental health services are organised on holistic and generic principles.

The members work together to disseminate knowledge and promote co-operation between countries where environmental health issues are similar. The IFEH promotes the interchange of people working in this sector and exchanges publications of a scientific and technical nature produced by its members.

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