Related organisations and partners

We work closely with a large number of partners and stakeholders at home and abroad.

Environmental Health Emergency and Reconstruction Fund

The Environmental Health Emergency and Reconstruction Fund is to help fund environmental health relief projects across the globe and to rebuild environmental health capacity in the longer term.

The focus of the fund is to provide financial support to practitioners who are providing sustainable environmental health relief solutions.

Environmental Health Association of Ireland

The Environmental Health Association of Ireland’s main objectives are for the benefit of the public, the promotion of environmental health and the dissemination of knowledge about environmental health.

Environmental Health Officers Welfare Fund

The Fund’s aim is to raise money for the benefit of past, present and future members and their families during times of particular need.

Members are encouraged to donate money to the Fund, which is a charity. Some of our trustees are involved in its management.

More information about the fund is available here.

Environmental Health Registration Board (EHRB)

The Environmental Health Registration Board is an awarding organisation.

EHRB’s main responsibilities include issuing Certificates of Registration to newly-qualified Environmental Health Practitioners; maintaining registers of those who have been issued with a Certificate of Registration or certificates from other EHRB-accredited courses. In addition, EHRB is charged with the responsibility of accrediting courses of study run by universities, colleges and other training centres in specific technical areas of environmental health. 

Regulatory Information and Management Systems (RIAMS)

RIAMS is a fully maintained online management system providing integrated resources required for effective delivery of environmental health services.

It provides:

  • Procedures
  • Standard Documents
  • Knowledge Base – national policy and guidance, legislation, publications and standards.

For more information, including subscription options, visit  

We are supporting the development of RIAMS because it enables consistency of enforcement across local authorities and provides practitioners with a powerful tool to help deliver their services effectively and efficiently.

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) is an independent, self-financing charity whose main objectives are: to promote the advancement of Environmental Health by stimulating general interest in and disseminating knowledge concerning Environmental Health; promoting education and training in matters relating to Environmental Health; and maintaining, by examination or otherwise, high standards of professional practice and conduct on the part of Environmental Health Officers in Scotland.t facilities built with the highest environmental specifications in mind.

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