CIEH Communities

CIEH is changing how it connects with its members around policy topics and recognised specialisms of practice within environmental health.

What are CIEH Communities?

CIEH Communities are ‘recognised specialties’ within the field of environmental health. As a member of the CIEH you can join whichever Community or Special Interest Group you choose, and you can be a member of more than one at a time. The Community represents the interests of members, offers professional support, workshops, events and technical resources needed to carry out your role to the highest standard and to stay ahead of the competition.

It is free for CIEH members to benefit from being within the CIEH Communities and all you need is to want to keep in touch with the latest news and practice in your chosen community!

The CIEH communities are:

  • CIEH Environmental Protection
  • CIEH Food
  • CIEH Health and Safety
  • CIEH Housing
  • CIEH Public Health

How do I join CIEH Communities?

In order to join your chosen CIEH community you must already be a Member of the CIEH. It is not a requirement for any member to belong to a particular community to work in that area. All you need is to want to keep in touch with the latest news and practice in food!

If you are already a member of CIEH contact to be connected to the CIEH Food community.

If you are not yet a member of CIEH contact to find out more about becoming a CIEH member and benefit from the CIEH food community.

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