CIEH Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace

Please note: this qualification will be withdrawn on 28 April 2017.

More information can be found on the Voluntary Surrender of Recognition page.


This qualification provides a thorough understanding of health and safety emphasising the importance of monitoring staff and controls. It also details the need for a structured management approach to health and safety and the key factors in implementing health and safety policy.

Who needs this qualification?

  Everyone working in a supervisory position.

Why is this training important?

Accidents and illness can result in disability, death or incapacity for work. The supervisor is in an ideal position to influence, monitor and train employees. They can also ensure that managers are informed, persuaded, encouraged or pressured into providing for better health and safety standards.

Learning outcomes

  Demonstrate an understanding of the main concepts of health and safety
  Show awareness of the benefits of health and safety culture
  Explain the roles and responsibilities of individuals, supervisors and management in health and safety
  Demonstrate an understanding of health and safety control and improvement strategies available to supervisors

Useful links for trainers and centres

  Qualification Specification 
  Health and Safety for Managers, Supervisors and Safety Representatives 


Duration  Duration  Three-day programme
Assessment  Assessment  Multiple-choice exam
Prerequisite  Prerequisite  CIEH Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (or equivalent, recommended)
Suggested Progression  Suggested Progression  CIEH Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace 
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