Help and Support

We understand there are lots of exciting changes to take on board and that a little help can go a long way, so we’re going the extra mile to help you to understand what’s new, how it all works and how to get maximum value for your business.


Support videos - a series of tutorials covering the most commonly-asked questions, so you can get the answers you need.


  What is the role of an Accountable Officer?     How does assessment and marking work? 
  What are the key costs?     What materials do I get? 
  What are the key changes?    Webinar 
  Webinar - we held a webinar on 28 March 2017 with Chief Executive Anne Godfrey, looking at the new work-based learning products and information pack in detail. Watch the webinar now

  Face-to-face clinics - our experts will be at events in London and Manchester to brief customers on our new training products. Book your place now:

Things work better when we work together. 

▼ Help and support for current qualifications available until 28 April 2017 

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