Frequently Asked Questions

Last update: 9 February 2017


Why is CIEH voluntarily surrendering recognition as a regulated awarding organisation? 

Following a full review of our product offering, and in light of the need to diversify and broaden our market, we have decided voluntarily to surrender recognition as a regulated awarding organisation. We believe that deregulation will enable the development of CIEH as a membership organisation (offering a wide range of products and services).


Since when has CIEH been a membership organisation? 

CIEH has always been a membership organisation. CIEH is the professional voice for environmental health representing over 9,000 members working in the public, private and non-profit sectors. CIEH also has operated as an awarding organisation – designing, developing and delivering vocationally-related qualifications. New additions to the conditions of recognition set out by the regulators (Ofqual in England, QiW in Wales and CCEA in Northern Ireland) restrict what we are able to do with regard to the development of our membership offer.


What’s any of this got to do with me – I’m not a member, I’m a trainer? 

We are hoping to extend our membership community to include all types of professionals working in the field of environmental health. Through your work as a trainer, you may choose to become a member of CIEH – we have grades to suit all situations and levels of experience. CIEH membership will help you to maintain and develop your knowledge of all aspects of environmental health, as well as serving as badge of trusted and solid professionalism. New membership products and services are being developed all the time. CIEH membership is available from as little as £60, to learn more go to


How long ago did you decide voluntarily to surrender recognition? 

About a couple of months ago, but surrendering recognition is a complex process involving numerous discussions with all three regulators and detailed plans to manage the withdrawal of qualifications and protect the interests of learners.


Can I register as a centre/trainer to deliver CIEH qualifications? 

We are not accepting any new registrations because CIEH is surrendering recognition as a regulated awarding organisation. This involves winding down our current operations, meaning that it will not be possible to deliver training or administer examinations for existing CIEH qualifications after the designated Operational End Dates (OEDs).


What are Operational End Dates? 

An Operational End Dates (OED) is the date delivery of the qualification must cease – for centres and trainers, this equates to the last examination/assessment date.

All of our current 38 regulated qualifications will be withdrawn with phased OEDs (see Table 1a). The first OED for 11 qualifications will be the 31 January 2017. The second OED, for the remaining 27 qualifications will be 28 April 2017.

After the OEDs, centres will not be permitted to:

  • enrol learners on training programmes
  • administer examinations or assessments


What about CIEH accredited qualifications that are not on the regulators’ registers? 

CIEH offers 18 accredited qualifications (see Table 1b) (these are unregulated and so do not appear on the regulators’ registers). These qualifications will also be withdrawn on 28 April 2017. These qualifications did not meet the criteria for admission onto the old Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) but they fall within the CIEH’s scope of recognition and under current arrangements would be subject to regulation if we were to continue as regulated awarding organisation. As we are unable to argue that CIEH-accredited qualifications are ‘sufficiently different’ from regulated qualifications, we must withdraw these too.


Is the Operational End Date the last exam date? 

Yes, the last date you can hold an exam and or receive an assignment for assessment for a qualification is the OED.


Will I be able to submit results for processing after the Operational End Date? 

Yes, CIEH will continue to receive results for processing for one week after the OED. All completed examination materials (answer information sheets, summary sheets, continuation sheets, candidates’ examination scripts, scoping documents, controlled assignments, candidate assessment records and assignments) must be returned, by recorded delivery, to Examination Services on the same day as the examination/assessment in an envelope labelled ‘results’. If this is not possible, then these documents must be kept in secure storage before being returned by recorded delivery to Examination Services the next working day.

There will be no extensions to the OEDs, and no exceptions.


What are Certificate End Dates? 

Certificate End Dates (CEDs) are the final dates for certificates to be issued by CIEH to a candidate who has passed the assessment for a CIEH award – these are also shown on Table 1a and Table 1b.

There will be no extensions to the CEDs, and no exceptions.


What happens between the Operational End Date and the Certificate End Date? 

For each OED there are key dates that must be met (for key dates see timelines). The principal activity taking place between the OEDs and CEDs will be the final processing of results and issuing of certificates. Candidates who fail examinations/assessments will have one opportunity to resit/resubmit in this period providing the resit/resubmission results are submitted for processing by a specified date (two weeks prior to the CED).


Can I continue to deliver training and administer examinations up to the Operational End Date for any qualification? 

You can continue to deliver training and administer examinations for all qualifications up until the specified OEDs.


Can I extend my registration as a centre/trainer to include other CIEH qualifications? 

We are not extending registrations now because CIEH is surrendering recognition as a regulated awarding organisation. This means all our current qualifications will be withdrawn after 28 April 2017 and, in the meantime, we are winding down all operations.


But, I’ve got a course booked with a client in the next few weeks. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but our process and procedures have always required you to register with CIEH before offering your services.


I understand the qualifications are going to be withdrawn but, if I can register now, I could deliver courses before the OED? 

I’m sorry but we are voluntarily surrendering recognition and this means that we must wind down all operations. We are not, therefore, permitted to establish new business arrangements by registering new centres/trainers or to develop current business arrangements by allowing current centres/trainers to extend registrations.


What should I do with the examination papers I have? 

You are free to use these papers for examinations up to the qualification OEDs.


What happens after the Operational End Dates? 

The examination papers for those qualifications can no longer be used and you will have to destroy them securely.


Can I carry on using the course books and training packs? 

You can carry on using the course books and training packs up to the OEDs as support resources for any learner on a training programme leading to a CIEH award. After the OED, you can carry on using the course books for other purposes, but the content of the training packs has been developed specifically to support CIEH awards and use of the intellectual property is restricted (it may not be used for any other purpose).


Can I carry on using the CIEH registered centre/trainer/premium centre logo? 

You can carry on using the logo until 23 June 2017, when your registration agreement will come to an end. After 23 June 2017 you will need to remove the logo from all marketing and promotional materials and your company website.


I have paid a lot of money for your logo to be added to our marketing/promotional materials and website, will you reimburse my costs for this? 

Under the centre/trainer agreements, you have been able to use the CIEH name, logo and qualification titles (subject to certain restrictions) to promote courses for our awards – they cannot be used for any other purpose. You have benefited from your association with CIEH historically, but now, as we are withdrawing the qualifications, we are giving you six months’ notice that this must cease.


I paid for a train the trainer event so that I could register to deliver CIEH awards. Can I have a refund? 

We cannot provide a refund. Although train the trainer events enable trainers to meet CIEH registration criteria, they also provide a professional development opportunity and equip trainers to deliver courses for other similar awards.


I wish to make a complaint. 

Please put your complaint in writing and email for the attention of Andrew Mann, Customer Services Manager


What is the last date for me to notify CIEH of reasonable adjustments? 

Notification of reasonable adjustment may be made with respect to any learner up to the OED. Notifications may not be made after the results have been submitted to CIEH for processing.


What is the last date for me to make a request for special consideration? 

Requests for special consideration may be made with respect to any examination event up to OED. Requests may not be made after the results have been submitted to CIEH for processing.


When should I submit results for examinations taken before the Operational End Date? 

As soon as possible, to allow results to be processed and certificates to be issued promptly. Also, for examinations that take place on or just before the OEDs, there will be a restricted window for resits.


What happens if a learner takes an examination before the Operational End Date and finds out he/she has failed after the Operational End Date? 

This learner will be allowed to appeal and/or resit the examination once, providing he/she does so by specified dates.


How can I ensure that re-sit results are processed after the Operational End Date? 

When you submit the re-sit results for processing, please attach a covering letter clearly stating that you are submitting re-sit results and include the date and batch number of the first exam (which must be before the OED). Without this information, we will be unable to process the results. Please check the timelines for the last dates to submit re-sit results.


What happens if a learner finds out he/she has failed after an Operational End Date, resits the examination and fails again? 

The learner is likely to need retraining. You may, therefore, need to recommend another course leading to a similar qualification provided by another awarding organisation.


What happens if a learner finds out he/she has failed an examiner marked assessment after an Operational End Date? 

This learner will be allowed to appeal and/or resit the examination/resubmit the assignment once, providing he/she does so by specified dates.


Can I purchase eLearning courses? 

Yes, our eLearning courses are unaffected by the surrender of recognition. For more information, please visit the CIEH eLearning pages.


Can I continue to use CIEH eLearning as part of a blended learning solution leading to a regulated award? 

Yes, provided that you ensure that the guided learning hours requirement is met (remember this means that eLearning must be directly supervised in real time by a trainer), all the learning outcomes/assessment criteria are covered and that the training and examinations are completed by the OEDs and you work to the key dates on the timelines thereafter.


Can I continue to purchase eLearning courses after 28 April 2017? 

Yes, CIEH will continue to offer eLearning.


Will certificates issued for CIEH qualifications be valid? 

Yes, we will continue to operate as a regulated awarding organisation until the final surrender of recognition on 28 July 2017. All certificates issued up to this points will be valid evidence of achievement and this will endure – so a certificate issued on 23 June 2017 will carry the same weight as one that is issued on 23 June 2016 (the only certificates with time-limited validity are those issued for first-aid qualifications – which have an expiry date three years after issue).


After the Certificate End Dates, will you be able to provide replacement certificates? 

Yes, for a period of two years, after which we won’t be able to issue replacement certificates. We will, instead, issue a letter to confirm achievement.


What happens if I run an examination or conduct an assessment for a CIEH award after the Operational End Date? 

CIEH will neither process results nor issue certificates for examinations or assessments completed after the specified OEDs.


After Operational End Dates, how will I know if you have received our examination results for processing? 

The main centre contact will receive an acknowledgement email. You can also check where your results are in the processing system on MyCentre. It is the main centre contact’s responsibility to check this and to inform us immediately if they are not showing up as received – there can be no extension to the final date for receipt of results.


What happens if my results get lost in the post and you don’t receive them before final date for receipt of results? 

After the OED, it will be the centre’s responsibility to submit the results promptly for processing using tracked delivery. You can check that CIEH has received results for processing on MyCentre. If receipt is not confirmed, you should contact CIEH as soon as possible. If, for any reason, results are lost en route to CIEH, examination services will request the photocopied answer information sheets/assessment documents kept on record by the centre. We advise that you inform us immediately if they are not showing up as received, as there can be no extension to the final date for receipt of results.


What happens if a certificate is issued before the Certificate End Date but in the wrong name? 

You must follow the procedure for replacement certificates as outlined in the CIEH Procedure Manual.


Why is there a three-month gap between the second Operational End Dates and the Surrender of Recognition date on 28 July 2017? 

Because it will take CIEH three months to process all remaining results (particularly for higher-level assignment-based assessments, which need to be marked and moderated) and to wind down operations.


Are you going to develop new training products/qualifications? 

We are in the process of developing new training products.


When will the new training products be available? 

They will be available in April 2017.


What are these new training products/how do I register for them/how much will they cost? 

We are not making this information available at the moment, but if you would like to register your interest now, I will make sure you receive information about the new training products as soon as it’s released.


Where can I get further information? 

If you have any other questions, please contact customer services on 020 7827 6300. For the period of withdrawal, the customer services team will be supported by a team of technical experts to ensure that all your questions are answered in full. You may also email questions to

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